Thursday, March 01, 2007

Catching Up

Well it is so nice to catch up with people! Judy and Michael are visiting Perth for the Artistic Journey Retreat....gee it would be great to be going!

They have been staying with Sharon so we met up for a yummy breakfast this morning. I met Judy at ISC in Sydney in 2005, so it was lovely to see her again and to meet Michael...he is one of the tutors at the retreat...both fabulous and easy going. I must say that I have met such wonderful people through scrapping. As I have mentioned before Judy and Sharon create albums for people. And we got to see Sharon's very cute felt bags...modelled above by Judy!

So a nice way to spend a couple of hours this morning in between moving stuff and working on class samples....And this afternoon a bit more procrastinating this afternoon playing tea parties with E....Off now to make curtains now as we picked up the fabric on the way home...Ben gets home at about 1 am tomorrow morning and my sister and family are in Perth for the that is all good...hope you are all having a good end to the week...Lissy


Megan said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful time soaking up the sunshine!

SO pleased Ben is on his way home Lis :-)

Megan xx

Lissy said...

lol...a brief moment of sunshine on a wet adn windy day!!!

Sharon Manning said...

Thanks for the meet up this morning. It certainly was a lovely way to spend the morning, not only with good friends but friends that share a passion. Great photos too although are my eyes open??????

Was it that sunny today? Believe me Megan the sunshine was few and far between, I think we just jagged it!

Good luck with the packing and moving on the weekend.

Rach H said...

looks like a fab day Lis!!
and yes good luck with the move.
and forgot to mention how cute is E with her new kitten - sooooo cute!

Chris Millar said...

Look at you guys!! How wonderful that you've all been hanging out together!
Love the layout in your last post Lissy and thanks for plugging us Aussie girls for the idol comp!

Mel Goodsell said...

These are great photos LIssy, you all look to be having a very fun time,

Judy said...

Love the photo's -thanks for the great company Lissy!