Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Coffee....yes I am addicted!

BUT only to the GOOD stuff....freshly roasted, ground and brewed! I actually though my score would be higher!!

Today I had coffee and breakfast with Alli and Sharon at Taylor's Art & Coffee House on Great Northern Hwy, Upper Swan...very nice indeed...will be heading back there again!

hmmmm...what else...Mel is waiting for an update...lol...so I thought I had better oblige.....no scrapping I am afraid...I am working on a mini album but it is taking rather a long time to do...needed some more transparencies so go that today...so some progress may happen!

Other stuff...

E has left out some food for the rabbits....very cute...so I made sure some disappeared! She was SO excited when she discovered they had eaten some!!

She had fun riding in the loader when we were moving some furniture...

She has been spending time with Grandad in the shed!

And she has been dying to get out to splash in the puddles...not that there are many yet!

So lots of nice every day stuff :)
Anyway I hope you are having a good week! And have a nice weekend planned! My sister and family are coming so that will be fun so should be all good here - Lissy

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Hooray for Alli and Michael

These two deserve a HUGE round of applause.....clap clap clap.....
here's Alli and Michael - hard at work....

Yesterday was the Helping Hand Autism Fundraising Crop Day...and Coffee for a Cause

and they raised $5 175.75...amazing effort

Alli organised the whole Crop Day...mostly by herself..a few of us pitched in to cook and so on but mostly it was all Alli...

In conjunction with this Michael organised the Coffee for a Cause....roasting and selling coffee and then organising an ongoing supply of divine coffee to keep the scrappers going!
And SO many fabulous people donated prizes and stock for the shop and of course coffee etc!

All this money and effort is to support the Early Intervention Centre for children with Autism here in Perth.

This centre has made a huge difference to their family in providing therapy for their gorgeous son Alec...

BUT even still what an amazing effort by two parents! So three cheers for this fabulous duo...hip hip hooray!

Well Done!

Have a great week all - Lissy

Thursday, June 21, 2007

check it out...

A good friend of mine, Melanie, has started a new business......PERTH BABY HIRE

If you are travelling to Perth or have visitors coming to stay...they may need a few things....

also new parents....you can hire things like capsule and new baby stuff that you only use for a few months before your little one GROWS!

AND toys...like Little Tikes cars, climbing frames and costumes and so on....thing you don't want around the house forever...but would be fun for a while!

She is a busy mum of two chickadees who are 1 and 3 years old and she has started this fabulous business! So check it out!

Monday, June 18, 2007


Don't really have anything much to say...E has an ear infection, and I have a cold so a bit miserable this weekend especially when it meant missing catching up with Rachie at the airport between flights....didn't fancy taking a whiny sick child to the airport

E did have a nice play day on Friday when we looked after one of her little friends...they were pretty soon into making mud cakes and by lunchtime where in the bath! You can't see here but they ended up all covered in mud! The joys of childhood! I figure they can be washed and clothes can be washed so let them go for it! They played well all day...

I did catch up with my friend Susan on Sunday afternoon which was great...and the kids had a play...we went to high school together many years ago...and it is through her that I met Ben!

We have dance this afternoon but we will have to miss swimming tomorrow until E's ear is better...

Sorry still no scrapping going on around here...maybe today...too much everyday life stuff happening...have a good week - Lissy

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Pirate Soup....

OK so any parent of a young child is working on the vegetable thing....tonight I though I'd make some broccoli soup...I told E we were making Pirate Soup....so she helped blend it in the processor, stir in the cream and then add the cheese...and then she ate it! YAY!!! I think lots of cheese helped! I said tomorrow we would have Fairy Soup...that might just otherwise be known as Pumpkin Soup...lol...unless I can think of something else!

We met up with mum, my sister and youngest nephew at Sticky Beaks in Kings Park today for a play as they are down from the farm for a few days....the kids had a ball...it is a great playground! And the cafe is good!
And that is it...not much else worthy of reporting at the moment! Have come to a bit of a creative stand still at the moment but sure to jump back into scrapping again soon! I am supposed to be making curtains for E's room too....Hope all is well where ever you are - Lissy

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

just a layout to share...

...and not much else today.....I have been thinking about this layout for a while...as when we moved I moved all my handbags....lol...so thought obviously I needed to do a page about them...before I store them away again...so here it is!

Anyway, hope you are having a good week! Lissy

Monday, June 04, 2007

such a busy week....

At the start of this last week I had nothing much planned...then it seemed to fill up and get very busy....

My sister and youngest nephew visited for a night on Wednesday, to pick up the new sheep dog puppy that flew in from Bathurst! I helped at book fair at school on Thursday and E's friend Lara came to play in the afternoon...

Then Shauna took E and Lara out for tea, while Ben and I went out for dinner Thursday night...it was our anniversary on Friday..we went to a local restaurant called Padbury's and I had the most delicious pork dish and then the always yummy sticky date pudding! It is not often we get out by ourselves so it was lovely!

Friday Lara came to play again and I had a couple of good friends Jen and Louisa for lunch...Jen's little one Imogen is now 5 months and gorgeous!
Saturday was tough....we were up at 4.30 am to get Ben to the airport by 5.15 to fly to Dampier...so I was a zombie most of the morning....E decorated her jolly hopper with permanent marker! Beware the three year old that goes quiet...looks cute though...pretty good drawing I thought!
My SIL came with the two girls for a visit and then thankfully we had an afternoon sleep. ...Sharon popped in with more stuff for the Autism Crop raffles...That night we went to Shauna's for tea...

Then Sunday we went to Alli's to pack up the raffles for the Autism Crop on June 23rd...getting close...and my you should see the raffles...absolutely sensational...9 raffles...about $200 of fab scrapping stuff each....plus 3 superb door prizes and lots of great spot prizes....some people are going to go home VERY happy!! And most of all you can just feel great that you are helping such a great Early Intervention Centre! Gotta feel good about that! Still some tickets left for the day so come if you can! And there will be REAL coffee there - YAY!!!

And here we are Monday again...public holiday here so we are in our PJs...and off to a 30th birthday this afternoon...here is the album I made...

I figure the recipient Jodi will not be blogging today!
So that is it for a busy week.... hoping this coming week will be quiet and I will get some things done! I am really trying to be disciplined and sort out my scrap room...and then the spare room...Lissy