Saturday, November 29, 2008

much better...

Morganne is much better now...she is being her usual bubbly happy self which is great!Evangeline loves her baby sister and Morganne loves her too...Here is Evangeline in her costumes at the rehearsal for the dance concert this week...And here is the very cute moth she drew yesterday!And one last pic just because...I hope you are having a good weekend! Lissy

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I was thinking recently I had been lucky never having been to hospital with the kids....well Monday night that changed...

Morganne has had a cough and cold for a couple of weeks. I took her to the doctor last week but she was fine...just something viral as her glads were up. Then Sunday her temp started going up getting to would go down after some paracetamol but go up again...she was a bit wheezy and her breathing was a bit laboured (she was grunting)...she slept in my bed that night...then Monday morning I took her to the doctor and she said she had a chest infection and an ear infection and to watch her breathing...her breathing was worse by the afternoon and so I went back to the doctor and she sent us to we spent the night in Princess Margaret Hospital for Children...not much sleep...mostly M sleeping in my chest in the reclining chair...but by morning she was improving so we came home...

She has been up and down since yesterday with some wheezing, temps and grunting but not as bad as Monday. She slept with me again last night as I wanted to keep an eye on her. Her temp did go up but her breathing was pretty good. It was tiring being in hospital but reassuring to know help was on hand. The staff were all fabulous. I hadn't been sure on Monday if her breathing was so bad and if I was just being a paranoid mum which is why I went back to the it turned out I am glad I did...better to be safe than sorry as they say...

Mum had been out to see us on Monday afternoon ( she spent Sunday with us too) so I was able just to leave Evangeline with her for the night and go which was great as Ben is at sea.

Other than that we have had a good week! E had her dance concert rehearsal...M clapped and kicked her legs around as she loves music. The concert is next week.

I have fixed some reticulation - I am very impressed with myself!!lol...Here is my handy work! This photo for Ben! I haven't filled in the hole yet so he can see it in real life when he gets home!!Evangeline had Lara's birthday party on Saturday to go to... And we babysat Lara on Saturday night and went to the school dance...Morganne loved the music too!
And Evangeline has taught herself how to blow up a balloon...she is very pleased with herself! Morganne has learnt to climb up onto the lounge chairs...she loves to climb in there with a book...but twice she has fallen over the arm! I have put the cushion on the floor to make it lower but still she went over the arm...So she had a big egg on her head on Friday which is now just a bruise...the triage nurse thought I was at the Emergency Dept for that! Ben may be changing onto another he may or may not be home a bit earlier...and then going back to work just after new we will see what happens...Lissy

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

she's up...

Yes Morganne is standing up holding the furniture!
This is her chucking a hissy fit when I would not give her the spoon when feeding her some banana!
Evangeline is loving having "cups of tea" with the tea set my sister and family gave her for her is a Pippi Longstockings one...I loved these stories as a child and E likes them too! I had plans to build a house on our farm and move in with my
We had swimming this morning and Lara come to play this afternoon.

Tonight we had the dance dress rehearsal for the end of year concert...E did her own was cute anyway! She missed a lot of classes this year and was partially deaf at most of the rest so really she has no idea what is going on! Poor thing was so tired by the end of it all.

Morganne loved it all and clapped and boogied and waved her legs around! I didn't take any photos but tried out my camcorder which I have just bought....I have wanted one for years! My filming skills are pretty limited but it will do!

We have had a couple of nice warm days with about 26C but now rain is coming and about 20C for rest of week. A couple of sprinklers are broken so it is just as well as I cannot put the reticulation on until I work out how to fix them!

I have been trying to sort out the girls clothes and toys this week....a mammoth job...and that is about it for now...I hope you are having a good week! Lissy

Monday, November 17, 2008

aaaaaaaaaaaargh! Pirates.....

Evangeline had a sensational time at her 5th birthday party...and I think all the other kids enjoyed it too! Here are some or rather lots of photos! The Pirate Ship Ben built was a huge success! And I think a few people would have liked to put it in their car and take it home! Here she is...she isn't quite sure how to use the telescope! I made the was actually very hard to find black and white fabric...I suggested other things but she wasn't happy with my suggestions...fortunately I found some!I made scraves for all the kids and handed out pirate kits I got from the $2 shop! And they had a ball! We had pirates fighting...and running about...
and walking the plank...and on the ship...We had a couple of games... Morganne was a cute Pirate Baby...And two cute babies...And us three girls...Morganne and Grandma...And the two girls...And the cake! A pirate ship of course...chocolate cake and choc chip ice cream layers in case you were wondering! The sail is a piece of scrap booking paper! And I even found some pirate candles! The sea is cream and blue sprinkles! And it tasted pretty good!And that is about it! It was very windy all day but it all went well.

Today at school E had her birthday story...the teacher tells a wonderful story about the earth revolving around the sun and each year passing from birth to the current birthday...and so birthday celebrations continue!

I am cleaning up and recovering from the weekend! And I shall have to get onto finishing the mini album for the party now I have the pics edited! And then onto planning Morganne's first birthday party! Hope you have had a good weekend too - Lissy

Sunday, November 16, 2008

five today ...

Here she is our birthday girl this morning...6.52 she had a little sleep in!The Pirate Party was a huge success...I have loads of photos thanks to Alli and shall do a post on the party very soon...

The Pirate Girl is now crashed out asleep and snoring in my bed...she chatted to me for half an hour saying she wasn't tired...then fell asleep mid sentance! And her snoring is too loud for me to sleep! So no rest for this Pirate Mum...The Pirate Baby is asleep is the Pirate I will just have a coffee...Lissy

Saturday, November 15, 2008

4 years and 364 days...

This is it...E's last night as a four year old...tomorrow she is 5! My due date was actually November 15th...and she was only a little late arriving at 0.55 a.m.My friend Jo was over today to keep her occupied this afternoon while mum and I prepared for the party. It was a struggle to get her to bed tonight...she is so over tired and so excited about turning 5 tomoorow...She had her first sleep over at a friend's yesterday...we went to their place a lunch time up in the Chittering Valley...and then Morganne and I came home late afternoon. She had an absolute ball with her little friend Eden - they are two peas in a pod.
Morganne is sick...quite a bad cough so has been pretty grizzly all day...poor little thing...but this is her on Thursday...I did say this eating thing was messy as she is learning to use a spoon and here is the proof! We are eating outside a lot...Amazingly she does actually get quite a bit in her mouth. It was pretty messy with weetbix this morning though!
But hopefully her skills will improve quickly! Everything is mostly all organised for tomorrow's bit event! John Cougar Mellancamp is playing at Sandalfords tonight...we can hear it very clearly as it is only a few hundred metres away so not much point going to bed yet! Hope you are having a good weekend - Lissy

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

eleven months old...

Our gorgeous baby Morganne is eleven months old today! While E was at dance this afternoon I sat her in the park and took some photos...I love my camera...all I have done is resized these and cropped a couple...I took about narrowed it down to 24...but will just share some...mainly for Ben's benefit as he is at sea...hopefully I can do a scrapbook page soon... She can crawl very fast now and loves to crawl into the bathroom at bath time...or make a beeline for Evangeline's room to play...and loves to play with Evangeline...she is very ticklish and has a gorgeous chuckle and she gives wonderful snuggly cuddles...The saying "when she was good she was very very good, but when she was bad she was horrid" sure fits Morganne as she is the most delightful baby when she is feeling well...but when she isn't, oh boy we sure know it...little curls are starting to appear at the back of her hair which is getting very light...She loves to point at things, especially planes, clap her hands, do a funny little boppy shimmy dance to any music, press buttons on toys to make noise or music, put things into things and take them out...She is starting to wave and is almost standing up on things like the lounge or the toy will be a while before she walks though I think...she still only has 6 teeth so waiting for more to appear...she can feed herself a bit with a spoon but it is very messy...she still loves grated cheese and cream cheese sandwiches...but she is trying other things especially if it means feeding herself! She is still not a good sleeper waking a couple of times a night...but she has had some good two hour day time naps which is great...And she still does her very cute grizzle face that I scrapbooked a while back.......And here she is with my good friend Shauna...And that is it for today - Lissy