Saturday, November 15, 2008

4 years and 364 days...

This is it...E's last night as a four year old...tomorrow she is 5! My due date was actually November 15th...and she was only a little late arriving at 0.55 a.m.My friend Jo was over today to keep her occupied this afternoon while mum and I prepared for the party. It was a struggle to get her to bed tonight...she is so over tired and so excited about turning 5 tomoorow...She had her first sleep over at a friend's yesterday...we went to their place a lunch time up in the Chittering Valley...and then Morganne and I came home late afternoon. She had an absolute ball with her little friend Eden - they are two peas in a pod.
Morganne is sick...quite a bad cough so has been pretty grizzly all day...poor little thing...but this is her on Thursday...I did say this eating thing was messy as she is learning to use a spoon and here is the proof! We are eating outside a lot...Amazingly she does actually get quite a bit in her mouth. It was pretty messy with weetbix this morning though!
But hopefully her skills will improve quickly! Everything is mostly all organised for tomorrow's bit event! John Cougar Mellancamp is playing at Sandalfords tonight...we can hear it very clearly as it is only a few hundred metres away so not much point going to bed yet! Hope you are having a good weekend - Lissy

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Alli said...

doh.. if I had known you could hear the concert from your house I would have come over LOL

I bet you are doing a lot of washing at the moment, good idea about eating outside!