Wednesday, October 28, 2009

boat...and ears...and the dog...

Here is the boat Ben skippered down from Singapore...pretty impressive I think!
Unfortunately the email on the boat has died and he won't be in phone range much so we won't be hearing from him much in the next little while....

And poor Morganne has ear infections...again! But she still enjoyed music this morning.

Evangeline has decided she wants to be a vet when she grows up! So she was very excited when we took Missy for her vaccination and checkup after school today! Mum came over to look after Morganne and is staying for tea...I am roasting some of the beetroot from our garden to go in a pasta dish...Lissy

Monday, October 26, 2009

see... we are making a difference...

I have SO much stuff to send off now to The Children of the Forest which is wonderful!

I even have had contact from people I do not know wanting to great is that! And some offers to help with postage! Thanks muchly!

I have several tubs of clothes for all ages and a huge tub of underwear! And I know some are in the post as we speak!

At this rate it looks like we will be able to supply each of the children and parents in protection with a least one new pair of underpants by Christmas!

If you are yet to buy and send to me.... it is sizes boys 2-3 , 3-4, 6-8 we have less of and as yet I have no boys sizes 8-10 or 10-12 or 14-16 and older.....girls we have less off sizes 2-3, 6-8, 8-10 and we have no girl sizes 14-16 and older...I have a few pairs of size small ladies...but could do with some more of those and some mens too...

Here are the numbers at the centre as of a month ago or so ago...

Actual numbers of children in protection centre:
  • Older childrens Protection Centre (Daniel) - 40 @ 12 -18yrs
  • Middle Children's Protection Centre (Duang) - 22 @ 8-11 yrs
  • Young childrens Protection Centre (1) ( Ku Kai) - 16 under 7 yrs
  • Young childrens Protection Centre (2) ( Ka Nika) - 23 under 7 yrs
  • Babies Protection Centre ( Talai theuw) - 5 under 1yrs
  • Mother & Child Protection Centre (Tar) - 7 children under 6yrs
  • Village children (Tar) eat with Mother but COF provides water and education- 43 @ 2-12yrs
Actual numbers of adults on site.
  • Mothers in Protection Centre (Tar) - 8 + 1 pregnant woman
  • On site adults - single fathers and mothers. Mothers have moved from 1st phase of Mother & Child Protection Program ( local village leader ) -16
  • On site staff- 9
About 50 50 boys and girls.

I am just aiming to send at least one pair of underpants for each child and parent in protection...but of course they need more than one pair each! So keep sending...

I am just waiting to hear from Mark as to what they need sent most urgently! He sent this email today...

"Dear Lis,
Wow, once again many thanks for your generosity and ongoing care for the children of the forest. Please have a look at some of the photos of the children with items that you sent recently. There is a photo of Poppi and her new baby. Poppi came to our Mother and Child Protection Program about 2 or 3 months ago. She fell into a fire a few years ago and was terribly burnt. After all that she went through she was then raped but thankfully she found her way to us and now we are helping her take care of her beautiful baby boy that we have called October. Your clothes have helped Poppi and October too. If one of your friends has a back or front pack for a baby Poppi would be most grateful. She lost an arm in the fire and the feeding and carrying is quite difficult for her. Thank you Lis for your ongoing concern and generosity.

Kind regards,
Mark and all the children of the forest.

Porpoiyee sends a special hello and thanks you for the drawing, photos and the clothes too."

So you can see that the pregnant woman mention in the numbers above is none other than Poppi and her little one October! And do you know what is so great...someone has given me a baby carrier that I can send straight off to Poppi and her new baby October!So I will be packing up some stuff to send off this week! And then the rest over the next couple of months...thanks so much everyone for your help! I will be collecting stuff to send on an ongoing basis so keep me in mind! And keep those undies coming! Have a great day! Lissy

"dada werk"

This is Morganne's favourite saying at the moment whenever we mention Ben or she sees his photo...and here he the middle of the ocean somewhere yesterday I think...I asked him to email us a photo...this trip he is we are very proud of him... He flew to Singapore while I was at the scrapbooking retreat where the boat (which is about 78m long and 17m wide) was in refit and they are on their way back to Australia...they passed Bali yesterday and that is about as close as we will get to an exotic has been gone a week but we don't get to see him for another four weeks. But at least he will be able to phone again soon...Lissy

Saturday, October 24, 2009


I have just found perfection in curtain fabrics for the girls...I have been needing to make Evangeline some curtains for about 2 years....oops...but finding no fabric I liked I was just going to do pink and applique....I made one drop before Morganne was born but didn't like it came to a grinding halt...until this week in Spotlight!

They are both the most lovely heavy weight linen type fabrics...not your normal horrible children's curtaining fabrics! It look like expensive designer stuff...but was very cheap...amazing! I found this gorgeous ballet dresses one for $8 a metre...I checked with her first in case she did not like the brown background...the colur is slightly different in real life...and this divine Geisha doll one for $9 a metre...Hopefully she will move rooms soon and we will go back to the master bedroom...but we shall try and finish E's bedroom first...Ben is making her a tree house is half done...It needs a roof and a door...curtains for the windows and it will be painted pink by request of E! And I shall make a couple of beanbags to go underneath...

And speaking of the bed...Morganne is a climber like E and climbs into the bed to play...unfortunately last Wednesday she fell out on her head and ended up in PMH with concussion...but thank fully all was OK...she still wants to climb in but we wont let her until there is a door! And she does say "fall off!" So obviously she remembers! This is Evangeline's drawing of the event...the doctor at the top...Morganne on the bed and the rest of us at the bottom left!You can pick ups by our hair dos!
Ike has been down with my sister for a few days on school camp...Evangeline went to mum's with them last night for a sleep over after we all had tea here...a and so today it has just been M and I...Morganne has been up to mischief all day...drawing on walls and such and changing the babies nappy...but she is cute...We are mostly all over our colds...I had a very painful muscle spasm in my back on Thursday...where the ribs and spine join and the pain was excruciating every time I coughed or sneezed...thankfully a trip to the physio Friday sorted it out..I should have gone on Thursday! oh well!

And we have had our first mango of the season...if you are reading this Ken Evangeline is waitng for her box of mangoes from Papa in Broome!A bit of a dreary day here today...but not too we have been outside a bit...we might get a shower of rain which would be good for the garden...that is it for now...Lissy

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

so true...

"Children are likely to live up to what you believe of them"

Lady Bird Johnson

Here are my latest creations for the girls and them playing in the garden yesterday...yay for warm is a cupcake top to go with the twirly skirt for Evangeline...and pants and a top with very cute Geisha fabric for Morganne...

I have lots of fabulous fabrics and more things I just need a bit of the meantime I am busy blogging and

the retreat...

I thought I would share a few of the layouts I did at the well as having a wonderful time and laughing way too much I actually did some scrapping! YAY!! And I did a couple of the girls classes...
This was one of Gayle's layouts...I used BG June BugAnd this was the sampler Sharon did and I have made for mum for Christmas...I think I may need to put it in a black is not so purple in real life!And another one of Gayle's pages...And then some other layouts I did...all pretty simple pages...I really struggled with these school ones to the point that I nearly threw them in the bin! But they finally worked out ok! This one I ended up ignoring the blue in the photos and choosing the other primary colours red and yellow to create the page...I have also forgotten to add the journalling...Sharon was asked if I was over my grumps!

I have a couple of more layouts to finish as I need to do some journalling on the computer...I printed enough photos for about 100 I have plenty to keep me going! I just need to unpack and get organised! And then maybe do some more! We all have colds so we are feeling a bit crappy...stay tuned...Lissy

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

generous women...

I just spent the weekend with a bunch of very generous women....

About 60 of them in fact at Scrappin’ Outback's 9th Wave Rock Scrapbooking Retreat..they were SO generous with their time and friendship and laughter and ideas...sorry no group photo to put here as I was too busy enjoying myself and laughing (oh and to take any photos...

But also so generous with their giving for the Children of the Forest...look at this pile of nearly filled up the back seat of my car coming home! Thanks so much is so greatly appreciated...There is everything from underwear and pencils to babies clothes and teenagers clothes....FABULOUS!

I know people only found out about this in the week before the retreat and would have made a special effort to get something organised even though they live in the bush and not near any shops! And some that couldn't get something in time gave me money to buy something...Thank you!

Now I will just mortgage the house to pay for the

edited to add....postage is about $55 for 3kg...unless you are a registered charity...if anyone can help with a contact in a charity please let me know!

PS thanks for the response to my post asking for underwear...please email me on if you need my address to post your knickers!

look like a pro...

It is so easy to look like a pro...well get a new camera...I am still on auto...and these are uneditied...imagine they looks lots better in a higher resolution too....lolNot perfect but I am very happy with them...The first batch I took were hopeless as Sharon had been playing with my camera on the weekend and it was not on took them Sunday night when I got home from the retreat....I need to do a huge update on here but haven't time at the moment....stay tuned! Lissy

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Mel is hosting a make a skirt thingy this I joined it is....I will make a top with the cupcake fabric is pink so Evangeline is very pleased!!I have more sewing planned for the summer but this week is TOO busy! Lissy

Monday, October 12, 2009

twenty two months...

We are fast approaching Morganne being two years old....she is communicating pretty well these days and even said "Mama, wer Dada?" the other day! Other new words..."for off" (fall off) is a current favourite as is "ous" (ouch), "cut" and "hoc" (hot)..."Gone" is still very popular too! She loves to get out side and dig in the dirt or water the garden...and inside the baby dolls are very popular too...and she like to help make her own drinks and food...and she can open all the doors...She can point to all her body parts and has names for all her clothes and is shoe obsessed...and points out every plane...which is a lot when you live close to the airport and they ALL go over the she wants to cut everything up with a knife at meal times...her favourite food is pasta and meat...bananas and strawberries are pretty popular too...she loves to brush her teeth and her hair is quite long now and she is delightful! She likes to put any cream she can get her hands on on her face or in her hair...jsut like mummy! She says "ni ni" for good night, "lus you" for love you and today when Evangeline went to school she said "miss you"...adorable...Lissy

Sunday, October 11, 2009

underwear...and put a smile on a child...

This is a long post but please take the time to read it...

OK so here's the deal...I need underwear ....lots of it!

As you know...if you read this blog regularly....we sponsor a girl, Porpoyii, and I also try to send off supplies every month or so...anything from toothbrushes, hairbrushes, pencils, to clothing....

There are children of all ages at

Children of the Forest

a U.K registered charity based in

Thailand providing a school and home for Karen,

Mon and Burmese refugee children

The worldwide economic down turn has affected us all so it is increasingly difficult for charities to provide even the necessities...they were housing children from ages 3 - 16 but now there is a need for more and they now care for babies up to 18 year olds...I am so glad they have found somewhere safe to stay...there are more than 150 children at COF...

Mark, the Project Manager, emailed me this week to thank me for helping out...I have just sent off some underwear, toothbrushes and pencils...

Dear Lis,

Your parcels have brought a lot of joy to children of the forest and we thank you deeply for the thought, effort and expense you have gone too. We are short staffed as more and more children come to our attention but your parcels always get to the children and bring lots of smiles, I am just sorry I don't always find the time to sit down and thank you.

With 16 children in our Young Children's Protection Centre and 5 babies in COF Baby Protection Program ( abandoned babies, in this case rescued from traffickers) we were very grateful to receive the pants and clothes perfect for the little ones and older. One of the things that we struggle to find funds for is under wear. Your parcel arrived just when we were wondering how we were were going to afford such items this month.

From all the children of the forest especially Porpoyii heartfelt thanks.

Kind regards,


It is lovely to be thanked but what I do is minimal and this just sparked me to try and do more...

That is where YOU come in...all my friends and family...and if you don't read this I will email

All I want is to collect enough underwear for each child at the Children of the Forest by Christmas...

So what do you have to do???

Just give me some underwear...when you see me next...or post it to me...

Any size...any colour..any pair or twenty doesn't all adds up!

And know you are helping put a smile on a child for simple

How does that sounds...go on it is easy...please help....with thanks, Lissy

PS...if you want to give any clothing for babies or children (new or gently used) toothbrushes, hairbrushes or stationary such as lead pencils, coloured pencils, crayons, erasers these are also gratefully received.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


A sad day on Thursday....while out enjoying a lovely brunch at Taylors Studios in Upper Swan with Sharon and her girls my camera (Canon 400D) died...stone then I remembered the poor thing was two years old and I wore out the last one in two years from taking SO many photos...I got it just after E turned 4 as it died at her birthday party and I needed a new one before Morganne was I trotted off yesterday to see if it could be had definitely had it...

So then within ten minutes I was then the proud owner of a fabulous Canon makes my old camera look like rubbish and I had loved that one! I have a new lens 18-200 so I don't have to change it...and a battery pack for two batteries...I had a quick play yesterday and straight away you can see what fabulous photos it will take! I am just a point and shoot kind of a girl...on auto...and occasionally "running man" for action or P if I don't want the even know what these are for really! I really should learn but this camera is amazing even on auto!

Fortunately Ben is very tolerant and rather happy that at least I wear out my cameras! I have wanted a 500D for a while...I did consider a 50D but as I mainly use auto I am sure the 500D will be fantastic! Bigger and heavier with new lens and battery pack...but I will cope! Lissy

Friday, October 09, 2009

wow...and E said...

Last night here in Perth I went to see Il Divo...with mum and Shauna and sister was supposed to go to but they have been camping...we had fabulous seats...
I didn't know really what to expect as I have not really listened to their music even though I have an album...they call it Pop Opera...

And all I can say is WOW...they are truly amazing...such incredible voices and the show was fabulous and I really enjoyed it......I will definitely go next time they tour...

And I was driving in the car with Evangeline yesterday with Il Divo playing...she had not heard it before...She said "this music is beautiful". I told her I went to listen to it last night with Grandma...She said " It is so beautiful I might cry!" LOL...half the time she tells me to turn my music off! But not Il Divo! She was trying to sing along and said she wants to learn all the songs!

Maybe next time she will be old enough to go too! Lissy