Monday, October 12, 2009

twenty two months...

We are fast approaching Morganne being two years old....she is communicating pretty well these days and even said "Mama, wer Dada?" the other day! Other new words..."for off" (fall off) is a current favourite as is "ous" (ouch), "cut" and "hoc" (hot)..."Gone" is still very popular too! She loves to get out side and dig in the dirt or water the garden...and inside the baby dolls are very popular too...and she like to help make her own drinks and food...and she can open all the doors...She can point to all her body parts and has names for all her clothes and is shoe obsessed...and points out every plane...which is a lot when you live close to the airport and they ALL go over the she wants to cut everything up with a knife at meal times...her favourite food is pasta and meat...bananas and strawberries are pretty popular too...she loves to brush her teeth and her hair is quite long now and she is delightful! She likes to put any cream she can get her hands on on her face or in her hair...jsut like mummy! She says "ni ni" for good night, "lus you" for love you and today when Evangeline went to school she said "miss you"...adorable...Lissy

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