Sunday, October 11, 2009

underwear...and put a smile on a child...

This is a long post but please take the time to read it...

OK so here's the deal...I need underwear ....lots of it!

As you know...if you read this blog regularly....we sponsor a girl, Porpoyii, and I also try to send off supplies every month or so...anything from toothbrushes, hairbrushes, pencils, to clothing....

There are children of all ages at

Children of the Forest

a U.K registered charity based in

Thailand providing a school and home for Karen,

Mon and Burmese refugee children

The worldwide economic down turn has affected us all so it is increasingly difficult for charities to provide even the necessities...they were housing children from ages 3 - 16 but now there is a need for more and they now care for babies up to 18 year olds...I am so glad they have found somewhere safe to stay...there are more than 150 children at COF...

Mark, the Project Manager, emailed me this week to thank me for helping out...I have just sent off some underwear, toothbrushes and pencils...

Dear Lis,

Your parcels have brought a lot of joy to children of the forest and we thank you deeply for the thought, effort and expense you have gone too. We are short staffed as more and more children come to our attention but your parcels always get to the children and bring lots of smiles, I am just sorry I don't always find the time to sit down and thank you.

With 16 children in our Young Children's Protection Centre and 5 babies in COF Baby Protection Program ( abandoned babies, in this case rescued from traffickers) we were very grateful to receive the pants and clothes perfect for the little ones and older. One of the things that we struggle to find funds for is under wear. Your parcel arrived just when we were wondering how we were were going to afford such items this month.

From all the children of the forest especially Porpoyii heartfelt thanks.

Kind regards,


It is lovely to be thanked but what I do is minimal and this just sparked me to try and do more...

That is where YOU come in...all my friends and family...and if you don't read this I will email

All I want is to collect enough underwear for each child at the Children of the Forest by Christmas...

So what do you have to do???

Just give me some underwear...when you see me next...or post it to me...

Any size...any colour..any pair or twenty doesn't all adds up!

And know you are helping put a smile on a child for simple

How does that sounds...go on it is easy...please help....with thanks, Lissy

PS...if you want to give any clothing for babies or children (new or gently used) toothbrushes, hairbrushes or stationary such as lead pencils, coloured pencils, crayons, erasers these are also gratefully received.

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cassiehood said...

Oh, I would love to help. Should I send some undies and stuff direct or to you? Can I have your address to send some things? I can do this within the next few weeks.
Thanks for letting me know.