Saturday, October 24, 2009


I have just found perfection in curtain fabrics for the girls...I have been needing to make Evangeline some curtains for about 2 years....oops...but finding no fabric I liked I was just going to do pink and applique....I made one drop before Morganne was born but didn't like it came to a grinding halt...until this week in Spotlight!

They are both the most lovely heavy weight linen type fabrics...not your normal horrible children's curtaining fabrics! It look like expensive designer stuff...but was very cheap...amazing! I found this gorgeous ballet dresses one for $8 a metre...I checked with her first in case she did not like the brown background...the colur is slightly different in real life...and this divine Geisha doll one for $9 a metre...Hopefully she will move rooms soon and we will go back to the master bedroom...but we shall try and finish E's bedroom first...Ben is making her a tree house is half done...It needs a roof and a door...curtains for the windows and it will be painted pink by request of E! And I shall make a couple of beanbags to go underneath...

And speaking of the bed...Morganne is a climber like E and climbs into the bed to play...unfortunately last Wednesday she fell out on her head and ended up in PMH with concussion...but thank fully all was OK...she still wants to climb in but we wont let her until there is a door! And she does say "fall off!" So obviously she remembers! This is Evangeline's drawing of the event...the doctor at the top...Morganne on the bed and the rest of us at the bottom left!You can pick ups by our hair dos!
Ike has been down with my sister for a few days on school camp...Evangeline went to mum's with them last night for a sleep over after we all had tea here...a and so today it has just been M and I...Morganne has been up to mischief all day...drawing on walls and such and changing the babies nappy...but she is cute...We are mostly all over our colds...I had a very painful muscle spasm in my back on Thursday...where the ribs and spine join and the pain was excruciating every time I coughed or sneezed...thankfully a trip to the physio Friday sorted it out..I should have gone on Thursday! oh well!

And we have had our first mango of the season...if you are reading this Ken Evangeline is waitng for her box of mangoes from Papa in Broome!A bit of a dreary day here today...but not too we have been outside a bit...we might get a shower of rain which would be good for the garden...that is it for now...Lissy

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