Monday, October 26, 2009

see... we are making a difference...

I have SO much stuff to send off now to The Children of the Forest which is wonderful!

I even have had contact from people I do not know wanting to great is that! And some offers to help with postage! Thanks muchly!

I have several tubs of clothes for all ages and a huge tub of underwear! And I know some are in the post as we speak!

At this rate it looks like we will be able to supply each of the children and parents in protection with a least one new pair of underpants by Christmas!

If you are yet to buy and send to me.... it is sizes boys 2-3 , 3-4, 6-8 we have less of and as yet I have no boys sizes 8-10 or 10-12 or 14-16 and older.....girls we have less off sizes 2-3, 6-8, 8-10 and we have no girl sizes 14-16 and older...I have a few pairs of size small ladies...but could do with some more of those and some mens too...

Here are the numbers at the centre as of a month ago or so ago...

Actual numbers of children in protection centre:
  • Older childrens Protection Centre (Daniel) - 40 @ 12 -18yrs
  • Middle Children's Protection Centre (Duang) - 22 @ 8-11 yrs
  • Young childrens Protection Centre (1) ( Ku Kai) - 16 under 7 yrs
  • Young childrens Protection Centre (2) ( Ka Nika) - 23 under 7 yrs
  • Babies Protection Centre ( Talai theuw) - 5 under 1yrs
  • Mother & Child Protection Centre (Tar) - 7 children under 6yrs
  • Village children (Tar) eat with Mother but COF provides water and education- 43 @ 2-12yrs
Actual numbers of adults on site.
  • Mothers in Protection Centre (Tar) - 8 + 1 pregnant woman
  • On site adults - single fathers and mothers. Mothers have moved from 1st phase of Mother & Child Protection Program ( local village leader ) -16
  • On site staff- 9
About 50 50 boys and girls.

I am just aiming to send at least one pair of underpants for each child and parent in protection...but of course they need more than one pair each! So keep sending...

I am just waiting to hear from Mark as to what they need sent most urgently! He sent this email today...

"Dear Lis,
Wow, once again many thanks for your generosity and ongoing care for the children of the forest. Please have a look at some of the photos of the children with items that you sent recently. There is a photo of Poppi and her new baby. Poppi came to our Mother and Child Protection Program about 2 or 3 months ago. She fell into a fire a few years ago and was terribly burnt. After all that she went through she was then raped but thankfully she found her way to us and now we are helping her take care of her beautiful baby boy that we have called October. Your clothes have helped Poppi and October too. If one of your friends has a back or front pack for a baby Poppi would be most grateful. She lost an arm in the fire and the feeding and carrying is quite difficult for her. Thank you Lis for your ongoing concern and generosity.

Kind regards,
Mark and all the children of the forest.

Porpoiyee sends a special hello and thanks you for the drawing, photos and the clothes too."

So you can see that the pregnant woman mention in the numbers above is none other than Poppi and her little one October! And do you know what is so great...someone has given me a baby carrier that I can send straight off to Poppi and her new baby October!So I will be packing up some stuff to send off this week! And then the rest over the next couple of months...thanks so much everyone for your help! I will be collecting stuff to send on an ongoing basis so keep me in mind! And keep those undies coming! Have a great day! Lissy


Sharon Manning said...

What an awesome effort Lis! It's amazing that this means so much to these children and adults. Keep up the great work!!!!!!

Gigga said...

Great work Lis. I will endeavour to get more to you.

nadene said...

Hi Lis.
Would it be possible for you to email me - I need to talk' knickers with you ☺