Sunday, November 29, 2009

messages from the fairies...

We had a special day yesterday when Fairies visited the Garden over night! Evangeline found a note from the Fairies in Our Garden hanging on the back door...

Dear Evangeline

We love a big tree in your garden! Can you find it?

We have been living here for a while but you

will not have known.

Our doors are magic doors that only fairies can see and open!

But sometimes we put a special little wooden door where

we like to live that humans can see too.

But these are magic doors too as only fairy magic can

open the portal behind.

If a human looks there is only a tree behind the door!

That is to keep us safe!

We have also added some little stepping stones

and a garden gate to the garden with all the pretty flowers !

Go take a look!

Love the Fairies in your garden!

So we went off to explore...And look what we found...Which I found here...and it came in the little bag that I put the note in! Perfect - thanks Lynette! I have ordered some doors...but they did not arrive in time so Ben and I made one! Not so cute and petite but I think we did a pretty good job for a last minute thing! Evangeline was mesmerised!And left a letter for the fairies on the fairy letter writing set that mum gave to her!! And the birthday fairy, Nissa left a note too!

Dear Evangeline

WOW! It is time for your party! What fun!

We have left some signs around the garden that

we are here although you won’t be able to see us!!

I love your special pink skirt!

I had a peek at it last night!

You will make a wonderful Fairy Queen for the day!

Remember to have fun with your fairy friends!

Love Nissa

A great start to a magical fairy day! Then it was time to get ready for the Fairy party! Stay tuned for the party happenings! Lissy

Saturday, November 21, 2009

fairytale sundress...

I bought some gorgeous Heather Ross Far Far Away fairytale fabric (from retromummuy) a few weeks ago as I loved it but was unsure what to do with it as I only had a half metre of is a beautiful double gauze fabric...This week I decided it would make a lovely sundress...but we were flat out doing other things such as visiting although I had wanted to get it done for Lara's birthday party I had run out of time...

BUT I got up this morning and thought I would give it ago! And I did it...I made a gorgeous tiered fairytale sundress in 2 hours and Evangeline wore it to the party! It sustained some damage at the was easily repaired!And off to Lara's 6th birthday...E is only 2 days older than Lara...The party was great with a very entertaining Drippy the if you live in Perth this guy is definitely worth hiring for a party or event! I was chief photographer again!Yesterday we went to the Neville's for a play at the park and some tea. Then tonight is the school performance! I think tomorrow will be a quiet at home day...And stay tuned for some more about our Geraldton trip! Lissy

Thursday, November 19, 2009

a special trip...

We have just been on a very special trip....we drove 400km yesterday to Geraldton (north of Perth) to stay the night so this morning we could get up and go to see Ben at work...

The boat hasn't been this far south before so although it was a bit of a big trip it was worth it for us all to see where Ben was all very last minute as the date changed several times! And so we weren't sure we were going until the night before!

And then we drove home 400km this afternoon again after spending a few hours with Ben this morning!

Here are the photos of it all...It was very interesting and the boat was bigger than I had imagined and the Bridge was a lot bigger...

Both the girls loved was cold and VERY windy...we watched the boat come in... And then watched from the gate and waited until it was time to go down to the wharf...Waiting for Ben to appear...Evangeline and Morganne were very happy to see their dad! It was very windy!Then we had a look around!Chief Officers Cabin...the not so messy part! It has a couch, a bed and an en suite...
Lots of stairs...
The mess...
The Bridge...
The back seen from the bridge...
The "wheel"...Evangeline asked to see the wheel...expecting the traditional sailing ship type!
The driver's seat...with Master Brian!
Looking at the radar..Trying out the radio mics....
A few more things...
And then it was time to leave...We got off the boat and Ben came with us for a couple of a bit more to report but I shall leave that until later...Lissy

Monday, November 16, 2009


Today Evangeline little girl...turned six! I cannot believe she is six already! I know mums must think this every year! She woke up just after 6 am and came to see me in bed...then we got up to unwrap presents...she wanted to know if Morganne was awake to unwrap them with her as she thought Morganne would need some present unwrapping practice! M was still asleep so she started but left a few...Then she went to check M and low and behold M was awake and came out to help unwrap the last presents! And some sisterly birthday hugs...And we had some "birthday frothies"...Mum called from New Zealand and Annica and the boys called from the farm...She wrote in her diary...It is my birthday. I am six...Then it was off to school for her birthday story and cupcakes...Rainbow ones we made yesterday...And then after school a little friend Jess came to play and we had a little party with fairy bread and party bags and balloons...but mostly the girls played....Ben called in the afternoon...Then Diana came for tea...We had Asparagus and Pea pasta which E loves and then birthday cake! And at bedtime she discovered that Nissa the Birthday Fairy had left her a card! It had been there since last night but she has been too busy to notice! And Nana Jen called at bedtime...And this violin from my friend Jen & Imogen was very popular...she would love to learn!So a great day for one little girl! Lissy