Friday, November 06, 2009

the fairies have been busy...

I am getting organised for Evangeline's 6th birthday party...and thankfully the fairies have been helping out too...Evangeline found this in her fairy garden this morning...
Dear Evangeline
I am Nissa. I am a Birthday Fairy.
I have heard you are turning 6 soon and would like to have a fairy party!
What a wonderful idea!
I have made you some special fairy invites to give to 9 friends who would like to be fairies for the day.
And there is one for you to keep!
My fairy friends and I will come along and join in the fun but remember you won’t be able to see us but there will be little signs around the garden that we are here!
Maybe I can sit on your birthday cake?
We fairies are very excited! See you at the party!
Love Nissa
And these invites!

Fairies, fairies, did you hear?
Evangeline is 6 this year!
She will be Fairy Queen Evangeline for the day…
We fairies have planned a party so come along and play
At her party you'll dance, you'll eat, and you'll have sweet fun !
You'll be a fairy before it's all done.

Wear you fairy best, we fairies love pink too!
Your wings and accessories await you.
The party is on Saturday, November 28th at 2pm, please say you'll fly by.
Evangeline’s fairy god-mother for the day awaits your reply! Lis 9274 1706
Love the Fairies in Evangeline’s Garden
The fairy wing back packs are nearly made...these will be the wearable party bags...then it is onto fairy skirts...I am making little mini fairy colouring books and have fairy soaps to go in the bags with the skirts...and the wands and houses the girls will make themselves at the party...we will decorate paper mache fairy wands with a few jewels and such... and make fairy houses (out of paper mache plant pots)...and find what treasures the fairies have left around the garden!

Evangeline is hoping Harmony and Rhapsody of The Fairies will come too...

Stay tuned...Lissy

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Sharon Manning said...

Oh MY! How CUTE! That Nissa is one amazing fairy. I am waiting with baited breath to see what happens next!!!!!!!1