Monday, November 16, 2009


Today Evangeline little girl...turned six! I cannot believe she is six already! I know mums must think this every year! She woke up just after 6 am and came to see me in bed...then we got up to unwrap presents...she wanted to know if Morganne was awake to unwrap them with her as she thought Morganne would need some present unwrapping practice! M was still asleep so she started but left a few...Then she went to check M and low and behold M was awake and came out to help unwrap the last presents! And some sisterly birthday hugs...And we had some "birthday frothies"...Mum called from New Zealand and Annica and the boys called from the farm...She wrote in her diary...It is my birthday. I am six...Then it was off to school for her birthday story and cupcakes...Rainbow ones we made yesterday...And then after school a little friend Jess came to play and we had a little party with fairy bread and party bags and balloons...but mostly the girls played....Ben called in the afternoon...Then Diana came for tea...We had Asparagus and Pea pasta which E loves and then birthday cake! And at bedtime she discovered that Nissa the Birthday Fairy had left her a card! It had been there since last night but she has been too busy to notice! And Nana Jen called at bedtime...And this violin from my friend Jen & Imogen was very popular...she would love to learn!So a great day for one little girl! Lissy

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Sharon Manning said...

Oh my goodness doesn't she look so grown up in those photos! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Evangeline, I look forward to seeing some photos of your Fairy Party, I'm sure it will be extra special. Love and hugs!
Sharon xoxoxoxo