Wednesday, November 04, 2009

birthday planning and such...

Goodness me...November already!

I am starting to organise Evangeline's birthday as she will be six soon!
We are having a Fairy Tea I am busy making fairy wing backpacks and such...all top secret!! It is the first party with just a few girls as previously it has been a big mixed group...We will actually have the party a couple of weeks after her real birthday as Ben and Mum will be home...Ben has never been to one of E's parties as he has always been away at sea...she is VERY exited but is worried the party is too girly as it is a fairy party...but she thought he could come as Peter can just see Ben in green tights!

Mum flew to Melbourne today to see my cousins for a few days and then off to New Zealand with a friend on a garden tour...she will also see another of my cousins who now lives over there!

Morganne has been busy at playgroup...

We visited Ben's family on Sunday and then went to Alli's for lunch...and came home with this...thanks Alli...M loves it!
Other than that I have been feeling sorry for trouble....

And after E's party we will have to get organised for Morganne's second birthday party...probably a polka dot or rainbow theme!

And then of course it is Christmas!

I am still making E's curtains..I must get them finished! One set just needs to be hemmed and then I can make the other set.

And that is abut it around here...the weather is mostly getting to about 30C now...Benis home in about 3 weeks...Lissy

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