Monday, November 09, 2009

flying practice...

I have finished a few of the fairy wing backpacks...they are looking rather cute!

Evangeline decided she needed to try them out and do some flying practice! And not stopping still for any photos either!

We have a cute book called Alice the Fairy...she is a temporary fairy...not a permanent fairy...and practices flying and such! I might have to make the girls some temporary fairy badges or something!
I have more fairy stuff to do...which would be easier if I were not woken up at 5.15 am most days...E is sleeping better now that she has a digital clock and knows there has to be at least a 6 on it! But now Morganne has started waking up with the birds! aaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!Lissy


Sharon Manning said...

Those fairy bags are just the best Lis - I wish I had a Mum like you!

Condi Scrappers said...

Hi Lis,
Love the fairy bags, the party goers should love them! Waking up early - at least the girls are healthy!!!
Linda Styles