Sunday, November 29, 2009

messages from the fairies...

We had a special day yesterday when Fairies visited the Garden over night! Evangeline found a note from the Fairies in Our Garden hanging on the back door...

Dear Evangeline

We love a big tree in your garden! Can you find it?

We have been living here for a while but you

will not have known.

Our doors are magic doors that only fairies can see and open!

But sometimes we put a special little wooden door where

we like to live that humans can see too.

But these are magic doors too as only fairy magic can

open the portal behind.

If a human looks there is only a tree behind the door!

That is to keep us safe!

We have also added some little stepping stones

and a garden gate to the garden with all the pretty flowers !

Go take a look!

Love the Fairies in your garden!

So we went off to explore...And look what we found...Which I found here...and it came in the little bag that I put the note in! Perfect - thanks Lynette! I have ordered some doors...but they did not arrive in time so Ben and I made one! Not so cute and petite but I think we did a pretty good job for a last minute thing! Evangeline was mesmerised!And left a letter for the fairies on the fairy letter writing set that mum gave to her!! And the birthday fairy, Nissa left a note too!

Dear Evangeline

WOW! It is time for your party! What fun!

We have left some signs around the garden that

we are here although you won’t be able to see us!!

I love your special pink skirt!

I had a peek at it last night!

You will make a wonderful Fairy Queen for the day!

Remember to have fun with your fairy friends!

Love Nissa

A great start to a magical fairy day! Then it was time to get ready for the Fairy party! Stay tuned for the party happenings! Lissy

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Susanne said...

Very awesome idea with the faery door! How magical.
Susanne, Author of The A B C Field Guide to Faeries.