Tuesday, December 01, 2009

the fairy party...

And the magical fairy party was a great success...and the weather was a nice 32C...we were under the shade of a big tree and the sea breeze was in...Evangeline loved her costume...As the girls arrived they got their fairy wing back packs that had their fairy skirts, wands, crowns and jewellery in...I had a few things organised like decorating the paper mache heart wands with jewels... Making fairy houses from paper mache pots...painted gold and some flowers to glue on... And pass the parcel...And some nail painting...But mainly Queen Evangeline and the fairy guests played around the garden! With about an acre to play in they had plenty of space to run and fly and make magic! And the fairy gate and the door kept opening and closing so this kept them busy! And of course some food in the fairy tent (I made this tent for a butterfly party when E was 3)...And the birthday cake - all pink! With Nissa the Birthday Fairy on top of course! Decorated by mum...Morganne had a ball too...So all lots of fun! I didn't make Ben dress up as Peter Pan....lolEvangeline keeps writing letters to the fairies so they have to keep sending replies! Now onto planning Advent activities which start today... and Morganne's second birthday which is going to have a Rainbow theme! Lissy

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