Sunday, December 20, 2009

bubbles and blowers and rainbows...

Bubbles and blowers and rainbows makes the perfect two year old party! Morganne had a lovely time at her Rainbow was mostly family and a few friends...And rainbow clothes I made for the girls...Lots of Bali flags in all the colours of the rainbows (kindly brought back by Sharon...Morganne loved them...A rainbow cake and colourful food And simple fun! Evangeline was a rainbow fairy for the day!A wonderful day for a two year old...Happy Birthday Morganne!
Now off to the farm for Christmas...Lissy

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Sharon Manning said...

WOW What an awesome party for a 2 year old - I think I will get you to "do" my parties from now on. Happy Birthday Morganne, I can't believe you are two!!!!!!! The flags look awesome Lis and the girls dresses even better.
Have a safe trip to the farm and I hope you are feeling better - get some rest.
Merry Xmas to you and your family.
Sharon xoxo