Tuesday, December 01, 2009

peace and joy...

Peace and Joy...two Christmas fairies have come to visit! I have heard about the Christmas Elf on the Shelf...but couldn't find any locally...so fairies it was!

Hello Evangeline and Morganne

We are Peace and Joy!

We are Christmas Fairies! We help the Elves!

December is here and there are 24 days until Christmas so we have come to stay for a while!

Our job is to watch children’s behavior and report it to Father Christmas each night.

Each morning we will return from the North Pole with a Christmas Message for you!

We like to move around the house so you will have to go looking for us!

You are not allowed to touch us but you can talk to us all you want!.

We fairies and elves do like to chatter and do not always remember what we are not allowed to say!

So we are under strict orders form Father Christmas not to talk to you in case we

give Christmas Secrets away!

Are you ready for some Christmas fun??

Love Peace and Joy

So we shall see what Advent Activities they suggest! E is very excited!

I have wrapped all our Christmas Stories in paper so we can open one each night to read! I have been collecting them for a few years and now have about 25! We opened two to read tonight!Stay tuned for the Christmas Fairy happenings! Lissy


Gigga said...

Love the wrapped book idea.. may have to do it too, but on a smaller scale as I don't have enough Christmas themed books.

Judy said...

What a great idea. Hope you have a happy Christmas. xo