Saturday, December 12, 2009

and now she is two...

My goodness how two years fly! Can you remember the competition I had to see who got closest to her birth date and time! Well our gorgeous little scallywag is two today! And she has had a wonderful day! Evangeline and Ike helped her unwrap presents...such intense concentration! She loves this baby doll! It crawls and cries! And what all two year olds need and love...a sand pit...Evangeline gave her the sand play set...And a swim in the pool...great on a hot 37C birthday!And a meal out! She scoffed a plate of chips...and bopped away to the music...And she knew all about blowing out candles! Annica and Ike are staying for a couple of days so celebrated with us! Morganne is a real character and kind of hoppity skips every where now! And she sings ALL the time! She is very good at the actions and some words to "The Wheels on the Bus" and "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and a few others! And she is stringing 2 -3 words together now and trying hard to make herself understood...and so we are getting a few tantrums! She does not like being told no! But she likes to say "NO" or "MINE!" She loves to draw but unfortunately this usually involves herself and walls etc too! She loves dolls and babies! She loves "Play School" and she loves any musical instruments. And she likes to do things herself! But she is also a happy friendly little soul who generally likes to share! And she pulls the funniest faces! And she loves to join in with whatever Evangeline is doing! Happy Second Birthday Morganne! We love you to bits!

Stay tuned for the party in a week! Lissy

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