Thursday, November 12, 2009

23 months...

Morganne is fast approaching two years old...twenty three months old today...I read somewhere the quote "the days are long but the years are short" true! especially for one who is rises before 6am and is very perky to boot! I am not so perky at that hour! She can say lovely things like "nie nie" for good night or when she is putting the dolls to bed...She still is very keen on the dolls...and she loves to "draw" or "write"...mostly on the paper...but often on the walls too! She says "lus you" (love you)...she is mostly an adorable happy little girl who I must stop calling bubba! But we are sure getting a few of the inevitable tantrums happening!

She sings almost constantly...especially in the car...she does the actions to The Wheels on the Bus and "the babies on the bus go
wah wah wah" is rather funny! She says "arf arf" for the dogs barking and any cream dog gets called "Dazz" (Jazz)...She is a bit of a rat bag and is quite happy to spread wipes or tissues around the house...and the other day she tipped out TWO litres (so a LOT) of olive oil all over the pantry...fortunately a lot she poured into a crockpot in there but it still was a horrid mess! She loves to dig in the dirt and play on the slide...and likes the trampoline too. And she can spot a plane anywhere...She will say "Dadda werk" when she is talking about Ben..and says this when he does a video call too...and will wave to him and blow him kisses! She will point out "dada's" and "mama's" for our cars. She is stringing a couple of words together now too. We are keeping an eye on her ears as she has had 3 lots of infections in two months...the ENT specialist that E goes to said they were fine at the moment but will have to watch them. After E's speech and hearing problems we do not want to let M have the same problems. She likes to help make her drinks and can unscrew the top of the "Quik" and spoon it into her cup..I add the milk, she stirs and then I put on the lid! And she likes to watch very closely when I am cooking...She can now jump and get both feet off the ground! And she loves to twirl around and puts music on the dance! Very cute. She is just starting to watch TV...she will watch "Playschool"...she doesn't take any notice of it much other wise which is fine by me. We limit TV watching around here anyway and it is only ABC.

She adores Evangeline and misses her when she is at school pointing to her car seat and says "gone"...She has no chance of getting E's name out yet! And loves to play with her. And E is a great big sister and mostly plays very well with her and is very tolerant and lets her play with all her things...they have their "moments" as all siblings do but they are few and far between...

She is about 13.5kg and about 87cm she has had a little growth spurt but her weight is about the same...she still has little feet...size 5 heading into a size 6...wearing the sandals that E had as a one year old! Her blonde curly hair is getting rather long and she is mostly happy to wear a clip so I have avoided having to cut it yet...she can also climb onto her change table...aaargh! She is trying to get her leg over the cot but hasn't managed it yet but I am thinking soon she will have to go into the toddler bed.Ben's mum has been to visit today and the girls thoroughly enjoyed it! And that about wraps up 23 months...Lissy

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