Saturday, November 14, 2009

a day off...

We had a day off school yesterday as the teachers had a professional development we spent some time with Sharon and her eldest Renae in the morning taking photos...both girls did the drama queen thing...but Sharon wasn't phased and took some great this one...this is unedited...I love it...I have only seen a few and I know there will be lots more fabulous ones coming! I think she is rather enjoying her new camera...when the girls were running around all over the place I asked her if she had it set on running that's what I use! That or auto! Only joking...I know Sharon actually knows how to use a camera!

Then in the afternoon we had a play date at Ava's house...they live near a great park with ducks...Today was busy with Frank's birthday...I was the official photographer and managed a few good ones...thank goodness for auto and a good then E had the school performance rehearsal...and someone was getting rather too friendly with the can of Quik (Nesquik)! And tomorrow is our niece Felicity's 7th birthday party...oh and then it will be one sleep until someone is SIX!! hmmmm....wonder who that might will be a quiet birthday as her birthday party will be when Ben gets home! She wants him to be Peter Pan remember!! Can't have him missing out on that now can have to get cracking with preparations as the time will soon go...and I will have to bake cupcakes tomorrow to take to school on Monday...stay tuned...Lissy

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Lynette said...

Great blog. Wonderful daughters. I have granddaughters about like this - 5 & 2 1/2 (plus a 3month old).
My daughter would love a party like you are planning - and she's 30 (though still makes and wears fairy wings.) Glad to be a part of this grand affair!
Lynette Fisk