Wednesday, November 19, 2008

she's up...

Yes Morganne is standing up holding the furniture!
This is her chucking a hissy fit when I would not give her the spoon when feeding her some banana!
Evangeline is loving having "cups of tea" with the tea set my sister and family gave her for her is a Pippi Longstockings one...I loved these stories as a child and E likes them too! I had plans to build a house on our farm and move in with my
We had swimming this morning and Lara come to play this afternoon.

Tonight we had the dance dress rehearsal for the end of year concert...E did her own was cute anyway! She missed a lot of classes this year and was partially deaf at most of the rest so really she has no idea what is going on! Poor thing was so tired by the end of it all.

Morganne loved it all and clapped and boogied and waved her legs around! I didn't take any photos but tried out my camcorder which I have just bought....I have wanted one for years! My filming skills are pretty limited but it will do!

We have had a couple of nice warm days with about 26C but now rain is coming and about 20C for rest of week. A couple of sprinklers are broken so it is just as well as I cannot put the reticulation on until I work out how to fix them!

I have been trying to sort out the girls clothes and toys this week....a mammoth job...and that is about it for now...I hope you are having a good week! Lissy


Anonymous said...

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Chris Millar said...

Gee Miss M reminds me so much of Annaliese with that Hissy fit!LOL Gotta love em' when they are full of personality like that!!

Anonymous said...

Go M!!!!!!!