Thursday, April 16, 2009


We are having lovely weather and lovely sunsets at the moment...autumn is so nice here in Perth...we are enjoying our holidays...Ben left on Tuesday for five weeks...always a bit of a down day so I kept busy doing some cleaning, playing with the girls and planted the vege patch...Yesterday we went to see Simona and the girls...Today Evangeline had a play day at her friend Jess' house...and I went to Ikea to get shelving for mum...then we had a lovely time outside this evening...And this is Morganne's naughty mischievous face...the look she pulls when she is about to do something a bit we are heading to Kings Park to see Alli and her boys...I love holidays as mostly there is no rush to get the girls to bed at night and no rush in the morning to go places...and we have fun catching up with friends...Lissy

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