Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Finally after a LONG time we are back online...I am not happy with Bigpond...I got very irritated with people suggesting I try and get a signal again in a couple of hours!

And one guy on the tech support phone actually suggested I take my modem for a drive with a lap top in the car and try it out else where...I said I could but there would be no power for the modem...doh! He suggested I go and buy an in car thing for this experiment...I said I would not! Finally the other day they sent a new modem and we are up and running! YAY!

And thanks for all the messages and queries as to how we all are while we were "gone"...we are fine but glad to be back in cyberspace! I shall update soon...Lissy


Anonymous said...

Hi Lissy
Yey, I am soo glad your back with us. I was starting to get worried!!!
Looking forward to seeing how your girls have grown over the last month.

Chris Millar said...

Yay! You're back!!! Hope you're all well Lissy!!

Alli said...

yay.. wizzy is back.. I have been laughing about the 'taking the modem for a drive' discussion all week, then shaking my head in disbelief.. who are these people!!