Friday, June 12, 2009

18 months old...

Yes...Morganne is already 18 months old! And sure is keeping us on our toes....she loves to get outside...digging in pot plants...running around and going for walks...and visiting the dog...And when inside get into things and turn on light switches too...rearranging things on shelves...I affectionately call her "Morganne the Destroyer"...she draws on walls, gets into drawers and things like that that Evangeline (who is no never did...and sometimes she just chucks things around...Oh and shoes are a big focus of attention...putting hers on and making sure every one else has their shoes too...or wearing everyone else's shoes! She is 12 kg and 80cm tall...So a little hefty which is not surprising as she is a good eater! Cheese and mashed potatoes are still big favourites but she also tucks into eggs, vegemite sandwiches, pear, bananas, pasta, chicken and other meats and occasionally some vegetables other than potatoes! She has a very cheeky personality and sings all the time...She can sing the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and ABC but obviously doesn't know the words...she does some actions too...We go to a Suzuki music session every week and she loves it...And she loves the Montessori playgroup we go to at Evangeline's school...And lots of talking going on and more "words" all the time...common ones now are "ge da" for get down, "bap" for up, "doh doh" for good dog, "sus" for shoes, "sos" for socks, 'es" for yes, "bobble" for bottle, "bumper" for jumper, "mor" for both more and milk...and she points to her mouth if hungry...and we are getting the odd tantrum if she cannot make her self understood or if she doesn't get her own way! He hair is getting quite long with lots of curls...and she likes to "do" her hair in the mornings with Evangeline and to clean her teeth!! She has suddenly gotten a lot more teeth and now has 16...and each one has been torturous! Baths are still very popular...just as well as we tend to get mucky outside and need a couple some days...We are so happy to have her around! Lissy

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Rachie said...

She looks so cheeky in this last photo Lissy!

I cant believe she is 18 months old ... she is beautiful and I just cant believe she would draw on walls and throw things around ;o)

Hope you are having a great weekend.

Rachie xx