Thursday, June 04, 2009

June already...

We spent the weekend at the farm as it was a long weekend here in Western was COLD but we had a good visit...cold is to be expected at this time of year I suppose...I made lots of cakes and muffins and cookies and meals so my sister has a bit of a cooking break! The kids all played and Ben went shooting...we haven't been at the farm since ChristmasWe headed home on Monday...which was also our wedding anniversary...we have been married 6 is our family self portrait for the occasion...not a good one of me but Ben and the girls look great...I may not be looking as flash as I was that day 6 years ago but these two little cherubs are sure worth it!I was four months pregnant with Evangeline at the time...Ben and I were talking today about some of the cookware that we got for wedding presents looking a little worse for wear after 6 years...and I said so are took mum to the airport on Tuesday as she is off to the UK for 3 weeks and then to Italy to stay with my cousin on the Lakes...E has an ear infection which is not supposed to happen now she has grommets...and not much else happening around here...I have been tackling my scrap room again and I am making great progress...we may even get to Ikea and get some overhead cupboards...I want to get organised so Ican start some projects...Ben is off to work on Saturday for a week...I hope your month has started well - Lissy

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