Friday, September 02, 2011

and this week...

 Evangeline lost her fourth tooth!

Morganne looks very cute in her sleeping bag....with my old teddy...

Evangeline introduced and then was the star in her assembly item today! No good photos but I filmed the play....I was very proud of her!

Our jar of 5c coins for Children of the Forest is full...we are raising money to pay for essential items such as so we will be off to the bank soon to send it to them! Did you know that measly $2 can provide a child care package of the necessary soap, tooth paste, shampoo and washing powder (and sanitary napkins for older girls)…for one child at the Children of the last a month...Yes a mere $2 a month to have the basics that none of us would consider going with out...That makes a grand total of $24 a year...I am sure our jar has more than $24..or I hope so!

Ben is still at see so we will celebrate Father's Day when he gets home in about a week....the girls have made some cute presents for him at school...Lissy

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