Saturday, February 03, 2007

AND it is...the Scrap Room Makeover

Phew! - what a day and what an achievement......I have at times had my scrap room almost organised...but got bored sorting and cleaning and so started scrapping

So today...the kids had fun......even though it was HOT

Michael kept the coffees coming, Alli ordered us I got to have a clean and organised scrap room.... And here it is! I may not be able to find anything BUT it does look fabulous! Seems a shame to get anything out and mess it up!!

You can see Alli's blog for an alternative version of the

I talked to Ben on the phone and he cannot believe it! So I shall have to keep it clean until he gets home in a week! We are getting organised to move so having my stuff all sorted will make the move lots easier....

The move....I am trading my fabulous kitchen for a bigger my priorities straight right????

So wait for the Scrap Studio in a few weeks...and bigger and better things...

and lastly a HUGE thanks to Alli and Michael - friends don't get much better than these!

Hope you are all having a great day!



Megan said...

Well just look at you and your fancy photos on your blog! And here I was thinking you were having difficulties with Blogger - phooey!

Your room looks fantastic Lis. I want to come and play!

Megan xx

Alli said...

my pleasure Lis! We always have fun with you! we need to start on those 'to do' lists next!

Pam said...

Your scraproom looks fab- it is so much easier to scrap, and even easier to tidy away once you've had that big blitz- I know cause i had one just last week.

Rach Wyndham said...

Looks fantastic Lissy - everything has a place!


Sharon Manning said...

Wow look at the difference Lis, it looks fantastic. What good friends you have to come and help you do this! Ben will be surprised.
Take Care

Chris Millar said...

Oh wowee!! That looks terrific Lissy!

Rach H said...

holy cow Lis your room is tidy.........LOL.......and it looks fantastic.
Plz send Ali over to help me out!!!! :)

vivian bonder said...

what a make over! that's one great looking room!