Saturday, February 03, 2007

A Learning Journey Begins

This week Evangeline started at Riverlands School, a Montessori school close to where we will be moving. She is in Children's House which is for 3 -6 year olds. Evangeline turned 3 last November.

Montessori has been around for 100 years but I am only just finding out more about it. I am a primary school teacher by profession and now I am looking at what education is going to best suit Evangeline. We attended the playgroup at Riverlands and Evangeline took to it straight away, so I enrolled her for this year. And judging by the way she has taken to it this week I think she will thrive.
So what is Montessori....well I didn't know either despite my years of teaching experience!
"In a true Montessori school you will find independent children who are encouraged not only to do things for themselves but also to think for themselves. You will find children who have learnt how to explore and solve problems for themselves. Most importantly you will see small children who are often perceived as only being aware of their own needs helping each other and who, without being asked to, will put things away and perform acts of kindness purely to benefit the group as a whole." Louise Livingston
If you want to read more follow the link above...I have been impressed so far as Evangeline begins her Learning Journey.
Now to scrap the photos in my oh so nice and clean scrap room - Lissy


Sharon Manning said...

Lis friends of mine have bothe their girls in Montessori and they love it. I'm sure Evangeline will thrive.

Chris Millar said...

E looks so cute in her little uniform!!! Did she enjoy herself??
Did you cope ok?