Tuesday, October 21, 2008

699 km, a retreat and a near perfect baby...

So Morganne had her first road trip and retreat! She was amazing! She was very happy in the car all the way to Hyden except for 15 minutes of crying before she slept...she only slept for half an hour but was happy eating and playing the rest of the time!

She was fabulous at the retreat! Maybe it was the change of environment? Anyway she slept really well in the sleep pod at night...sorry bad photo as I only took one in case I woke her!and played happily in the playpen
or high chair...ate her sandwiches and cheese! And then had long sleeps in her pram!

She was pretty good all the way home except for screaming for the last 45 minutes...then she was all smiles when we got home and she was playing with Evangeline!She was not happy to have to go back to sleeping in her cot! And she has been a bit grizzly again but really I cannot complain at all as she was so fabulous all weekend...well except twice...once when I changed her nappy and once when my sister dared to try and feed her with a spoon...lol...she was not amused!
The retreat was great...I always enjoy going...a great bunch of girls who are fun to teach and I even got some pages and things done myself! Here are the pages...

I managed to do one of Sharon's classes (a mini album)..I will add the photos and then share that one.. and started one of Gayle's but got side tracked with some very cute patterned paper and went off on a tangent!
My sister Annica won the raffle with a ticket I bought for her! Well she paid for it but I chose the tickets! So a great weekend hosted by Karen. I stocked up on a few goodies in the shop as Karen has a great range. I shall share my class layouts soon too. The next retreat is in March. I am tired but had a great weekend! I found E looking very comfy (not!) in my bed last night!Have a great week - Lissy


Gayle Smith said...

Yes, you are very blessed to have such a good baby. She was a sweetheart!
I especially love your royal show layout!! I have never thought of doing such small photos...I feel a scraplift coming on..lol
It was great to see you Lis.

Alli said...

that is great M slept and played happily (mostly) and I love your royal show layout :)