Wednesday, October 22, 2008


We have had a busy week again...Monday I took Evangeline to a ENT specialist...she has had 5 ear infections this year (and last year too) and spend half the year deaf because of them. This has affected her speech a bit as she cannot hear sounds well and so we have been going to speech therapy...and she has always snored terribly, is a bad sleeper and has mild sleep she is going to get grommets and have her adenoids out at the same time. This should help a lot. We were going to have it done in November but as I will have to stay in hospital with her and as M is not weaned it would be too it would pretty much put an end to swimming over the summer as she is not to get water in her ears...that will be hard enough in the bath! we will wait until February or March next year when the swimming season is nearly over...

Yesterday I took some promotional photos for a friend for her business Go Baby Hire...a great baby hire service...and I ran around looking for stuff for Evangeline's birthday party.

Today we went to the allergy clinic...Advanced Allergy Elimination...Morganne now has no eczema after her skin being red raw behind her Evangeline and I are going sounds a very bizarre thing when you read about it or someone tells you but it strangely seems to work! A friend put me onto it after she managed to stop her chronic hay fever...I have a few friend who have now taken their kids and had great results...anyway after that we had swimming lessons which both girls love...

Then we had one of E's school friends to play (she is no longer at our school and E misses her!)
Morganne tried to feed her baby is one month older but 2.5kg heavier! I have been letting M try and learn to eat with a spoon or fork...she definitely know that you go from the bowl to the mouth...but needs a little practice yet!

Then E had dance...phew...and tomorrow and Friday are busy too...and next week is looking pretty hectic too...but Ben is home in about 5 days - YAY! I hope your week is going well - Lissy


Chris Millar said...

Poor E, she's had a rough winter with ear infections. Hope the op clears things up for her. M is looking gorgeous as always!

Sharon Manning said...

Sounds much like my week Lis - Busy!
Hopefully the op will fix E's problems and you can have some better night's sleep.
Your classes at the retreat were awesome as always and it was great to have you (and M) back.
See you Monday!