Wednesday, October 15, 2008

i should be packing...

Yes, I should be packing for the retreat...but I am too tired! So I shall try and do some tomorrow before school...

We have been very busy...swimming and such today and Ben's parents came over for lunch...E loves spending time with her Papa...and Morganne enjoyed the attention too! We saw them at my sister in laws on Sunday as well as they are in Perth for a few weeks. Morganne was very serious while we were taking photos but actually she was happy and smiley

Tara left a comment suggesting "baby led weaning" and I checked it out and figured since basically this is what M has decided already we are giving it basically just give them normal food, no mush...she is still not eating much but she is giving most things a go and having a few mouthfuls...better than trying to force a spoon in her mouth which is impossible! So we shall see how we progress!I am going to try her with food and a spoon too next week and see what happens...a mess I am sure but she will probably soon get the hang of it!

I have printed off lots of photos...things I want to scrap...though I must have enough for 30 or so also having recently have my external hard drive try to die on me and since Rachie had her laptop with all her photos on it has reminded me to make sure I have access to my photos in other ways...we used to always have our photos as we developed film but now with digital we don't tend to print many...but we must make sure we back them up...regularly!

My friend Jen and little Imogen came for a visit the other day too...Imi is 18 months old and very tall!

The girls all played well together...and so that is it from me...Ben is still out to sea for another couple of weeks...then we will be in full party planning mode as Evangeline will be 5 soon and we have decided on a Pirate Party! Lissy

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Tara said...

Glad to hear the concept of blw didn't completely freak you out :)