Sunday, December 07, 2008

and so...

We have had a busy week including Market Day at school where the classes make things and have a stall...E's class had play dough and bubble mixture to sell.... They have been learning about money this term including an excursion to The Mint...they have been "banking" money each week at a school which they then spent on Market Day...

And the school had Open Classroom on Friday when we go to see what the children are doing and can visit the other classes too...I love to see what Evangeline is doing...she has been working with Fraction Puzzles learning whole, half, thirds, quarter and fifth...all very practical and hands on learning developing their mathematical and literacy concepts plus lots of great practical life stuff...E has learnt to tie bows and shoe laces this term! They have a little washing machine in class and do all the washing them selves including hanging it out and folding it when it is dry...I should get E more involved at home! Sadly I forgot my camera!

We have been making Christmas decorations...and glitter has now been added and these string baubles hung on the tree! She has made some lanterns too...And she taught me how to make and we painted toe nails and finger nails!Evangeline loves salad and likes to help prepare it's a bit chunky but tastes the same! We have lots of stuff growing in our garden which is great...the lettuce is going well and the tomatoes are starting to ripen...Morganne loves the moths E made and hung from the ceiling!She is standing up holding the furniture all the time now...and she likes to try and put socks on! She is starting to eat again after being sick...and I can even spoon feed her! She is a happy little soul mostly! She turns one in a few days! We had E's dance concert on Friday night which went quite well! They are always cute...E isn't really into dance any more so we won't be doing it next year. I thought we might try gymnastics instead. I tried to take Christmas photos yesterday! Not very successful! Oh well! I babysat Lara today so E had fun! And I managed to mow the lawns and do some much needed gardening...And even some cleaning! I was so tired yesterday that I went to bed with Evangeline! So I felt a lot better today so managed to get some jobs done!

Anyway I think that is about it! Ben is due home in about 7 or 8 days! YAY! He has only been home for about one month out of the last four months! Lissy

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