Monday, December 22, 2008

in the bush...

We are at the farm...the kids are enjoying it...Morganne loves to have a bath in the laundry sink!She loves scooting around my sisters house after everyone and is standing up holding onto everything...They all love the trampoline....And having fun with Ben!We have been going to swimming lessons each day is 85km each way which is a bit of a trek! It is harvest time at the farmThe weather has been odd..stinking hot, then rain and storms, and dust storms (this was the start of it and it got lots worse...I couldn't see the road in front of me in some places coming back from swimming) bans (when conditions are too dangerous to harvest) nights and cold name it and it is happening...the harvest is going very slow....and soon it will be Christmas! Lissy

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Alli said...

I'm never going to complain about our trip to swimming lessons I promise.. that is true dedication Lis.

Love your harvest photos and miss M will be walking before you know it