Tuesday, December 02, 2008


We have put up the tree....only a little one this year so we can put it up out of the way of our littlest one! Evangeline decorated the tree all by herself...My favourite decorations are the ones E has made over the last couple of years at play group and school...
and Morganne threw baubles around!
I have made a list of advent activities...I have put one in each advent stocking that I made a couple of years ago...We will do one activity each day...some of which we will be at the farm so the boys will join in! Plus we have quite a collection of Christmas story books to read each night at bed time!

Here are our activities...in no particular order...
Set up the Christmas tree
Bake Christmas cookies and decorate them
Have a picnic for dinner in the lounge
Purchase a present to give to charity
Write a letter to Santa
Eat fancy ice cream sundaes after dinner…with smarties and sprinkles
Watch a Christmas movie before bed with popcorn
Make paper lanterns
Paint everyone’s toenails
Make Christmas decorations for the tree
Make Christmas Cards for the family
Put on Christmas Tattoos
Wrap gifts for the teacher
Have a camp out around the Christmas tree
Fancy dress for dinner time
Pack a picnic dinner and have it at a park
Go out to see the Christmas lights
Making paper snowflakes
Have a treasure hunt
Make a great hide out and then hang out with flashlights
Take photos of each other
Play board games
Have hot chocolate with all the fixings (or milkshakes if it’s too hot)
Christmas Eve Picnic Tea up the Rock

I have done all the shopping except a couple of small things...and everything has been wrapped mostly too! I sent most of the presents and "the Santa presents" to the farm with mum on Monday...We have a Santa Stop Here sign ready to take to the farm as Evangeline wasn't sure he would know where she was...so we might add that to her Santa letter!

We read "Six White Boomers" tonight...E decided it wasn't real as kangaroos can't fly...only reindeers can fly! Christmas is coming! Lissy


Gayle Smith said...

Love all the things on that list! They are going to have so much fun...good job Bob.

Chris Millar said...

Oh Lissy I just love the girls in their red and white!!! Gorgeous photos!

Rach said...

The girls look beautiful Lissy and hey looks like they had a lot of fun - especially M!

Love all the activities you have listed ... I think I just may have to come there for Christmas.


Kim G said...

Hey Lis, were you at Murdoch hospital today? I was there with my Mum visiting my sister and I thought I recognised you in the carpark.. actually it was E that I recognised first LOL!