Tuesday, July 28, 2009

a few of our days...

I am not sure what exactly has filled our time since my last update but we seems to be always busy! Morganne has been pretty grizzly and clingy and I have spent a lot of time carrying her around...but she had moments of perking up...and has been a lot better in the last couple of days...she has had a bit of a virus or something...She now likes to bring her chairs into my room and climb up and rearrange things on the shelf...Evangeline spent a lot of the weekend at her friend Eden's house including a sleep over and toasting marshmallows...mum came to stay and we did a lot of weeding and pruning...still more to do but that is at least start...And it has been cold here...I have been helping out in Evangeline's class doing art...it is nice to spend that time with her...The girls love to be outside...Evangeline learnt how to pick and arrange roses with Grandma...Morganne loves to follow the cat around...Lucas is a fabulous cat with the kids...The girls like to hide between the fridge and the oven...the joys of a partly renovated kitchen! And a bit of bedtime reading...And that is about it around here...Ben gets home tonight for a couple of weeks before he heads off again to start his new job...new company and new boat...and other than that just the usual play group and gymnastics and so on...Lissy

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Sharon Manning said...

Gosh you have been busy - I hope the gardening didn't hurt too much the next day! Love your photos too.
Sharon xo