Monday, August 03, 2009

a wonderful weekend...

Ben arrived home on Tuesday night...We made these for tea the other night....E enjoyed making them but wasn't so sure about eating them!
And we have just had a lovely weekend...the weather was gorgeous - about 20C and sunny and fine...Saturday we went to visit Ben's parents and see their new house...and went for a walk down to the marina...
Then mum came over to have dinner and stay the night...Sunday we got up, read the paper, saw an ad and so off we went to get another Jazz...She is a two year old Weimeraner...and is just lovely...her owners are travelling too much for work and decided she needed a new home...lucky for us...Missy (our German Short haired Pointer) is the same age and they seem to love each other...Evangeline thinks she is great too!

We also had a lazy lunch and afternoon with our good friends the Gringarts...who are going overseas for 5 months in a few weeks...Evangeline will miss her best friend Eden so much...And that is about it around here - Lissy

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Gigga said...

Hi Lissy
I love the new addition to your family.... She is sooooo gorgeous!!