Sunday, August 23, 2009

the last days of august...

A lot of cold and wet days for us...I am ready for Spring! I bought Evangeline a chair from Ikea so she can sit properly at the table...but someone else is very taken with now I shall have to go and get a second one!A bit of Sunday afternoon painting while a baby sister was asleep... The new excitement in the house....the piano we bought from Alli...they both love it and E has been busy writing music too...I am hoping she can start music lessons next term...Morganne is doing a lot of waking up grumpy...Morganne has started 'chatting" on the phone and saying her version of hello and goodbye! And we are enjoying strawberries again! I have taken Morganne to Toddler Town a couple of times recently....I used to go a lot with Evangeline and my mums is perfect for the little ones...And the tantrums have started too....OOur friends the Gringarts leave today to spend five months over seas...we will miss them greatly...Lissy

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