Tuesday, March 16, 2010

artistic mothers...

I decided it would be good to try something new and try some different arts and crafts this year...I have joined an artistic mothers group...hosted by Trudy...inspired by the book written by Shona...I am still waiting for my book to arrive from Fishpond but it should be here this week!

As well, I have been learning dry felting and such with Nicole...I have made some birds and angels...and this week we made felt pictures...starting with this...wool that has been plant dyed...And adding fine layers on hessian to build up a picture...mine is pretty basic but it was lots of fun! If you took more time you could actaully make quite a fine detailed picture...It would be a fun activity for kids too...Nicole has opened an etsy shop...She makes the most exquisite stuff with raw wool that has been plant dyed locally...scrarves, bowls, shawls, dolls...go take a look!

Morganne had fun too playing with Yindi and making mud soup...two changes of clothes and in the end she went home in a nappy!
I want to work on some back ground papers for the artistic mothers group...but I keep procrastinating and doing what is easy...some scrapping! But that is good as I want to record our stories...
So let's see what tomorrow brings...Lissy

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