Saturday, June 19, 2010

some happenings around here...

Things have been fairly quiet around was lovely and warm last Sunday hence not many clothes were worn!

Morganne was pretty pleased with herself when she managed to climb the fairy tree! So she did a little bum dance!Evangeline had been singing...My friend Jen came on Monday for lunch after you can see a little one is due to make it's appearance very soon...a little boyMorganne and Imogen had a bit of fun in the puddles!I caught up with Alli on Wednesday for coffee at a fabulous place in Leederville called Greens...Morganne enjoyed the outing too! It is quite a good cafe for kids and it has the most amazing lot of cakes!
And other than that things are quiet...I haven't been well so mum has been staying for a few days...Ben is still at sea and should be home later this week! Evangeline and I had a little "date" this morning and went to the shops together for a couple of hours ending with a mango smoothie! Lissy

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Mandy said...

i gotta te you i love your fairy tree!!!! cute.....perfect for itte girls to dream under!!!xxx