Friday, July 30, 2010

a ride on a sunday...

So yes we did go for a little ride on Sunday...down at the park along the river...we all really enjoyed it so there will be more in the future...Ben has gone back to work so I will try and go riding with the girls while he is away...but it is raining this week! Today looks fine though so maybe after school!

edited to add... Well wouldn't you know it...fine all day and it starts raining at school pick up maybe a ride tomorrow!

We have a new addition around here...I won her in a lottery...Her name is Bubble...Evangeline is smitten and loves how you can change her eye colour! I said she was mine but she has been claimed by Evangeline...Morganne keeps saying she wants a pink one! I am going to start sewing some clothes!
We had little but very tall Imogen over on Tuesday...We went to play group and then she came here...Morganne loved having her to play! And her baby brother is so very cute! Even if he is not sleeping very much! Little Zachary is now four weeks old!And that is about all I have to report around here...I have lots of sewing and scrapping projects I want to get onto but forcing my self to have a good clean up and purge first...until my resolve a good weekend! Lissy


Mel said...

Very cute photos with Miss Bubble :)

Tara said...

Although I think Blythe dolls are funky I must admit their eyes freak me out a little... and that was before I knew they changed colours!