Tuesday, October 05, 2010

this is what you get...

This is what you get in our house...when you ask for a cubby house...or tree house...do you think we should have got planning permission! Ben has done it all himself though his dad did come for a day to help with the tin...It is Broome Style...where Ben and I met and lived before we were married...lots of buildings are built of tin...here is Sun Pictures in Broome...it is still there and you sit outdoors in deckchairs...Ben went back to work yesterday...so the cubby will have to be finished when he gets home in 5 weeks...it still needs pickets around the veranda, an internal wall and a ladder to the look out...
and a rope tackle to haul supplies up!

I meant to answer the winner on October 1st...running a bit late as it is a bit frantic around here with the construction and school holiday happenings!

I must admit it would be hard to guess...so Evangeline decided the winner is Lorene S who said...Is it where the Fairies Live !!!!!

As we have built it next to the Fairy Tree and will call it Fairy Heights! Thought I think it will out live us...so maybe it can be a Chicken Coup in it's next life! Lorene can you email me your address please!

Evangeline was over the moon when Mum gave her an Anne of Green Gables hat from her travels to Canada...it is our favourite story...We love the DVDs with Megan Follows...and mum gave us the books to start reading too...Ike looked cute too! And I sprung Morganne making herself a drink the other day!

Lots of other things going on like birthday parties and catching up with friends...but I have not been taking many photos...and school starts again next week! Lissy

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Mel Goodsell said...

Wow, that's a pretty awesome cubby house that you have happening!!
The anne of green gables hat is pretty cute too :)