Saturday, October 16, 2010


Well as if today wasn't exciting enough...tonight at bedtime Evangeline lost her FIRST tooth...yes she is 7 in a month and has only just lost a tooth...She has been patiently cleaning them for the tooth fairy for years and has been so excited since it got wobbly...Here is the wobbly tooth this afternoon...And once it was out...She wrote a letter to the tooth fairy...And got everything organised...She was very very excited...Then she was into bed and has been crying...she is sad that she has lost her tooth she said as it reminds her of being a baby...and she wants to know how she will remember her tooth...and she wants to know what the tooth fairy will do with her tooth...hopefully she will stop sobbing soon and go to sleep! Lissy


Sharon Manning said...

Oh my goodness what a huge day E has had! Such a monumental occasion to lose a tooth. I hope she settled quickly and the tooth fairy visited?

Condi Scrappers said...


I have told my children that the tooth fairy takes them up into the sky and turns them into stars.... that seems to make my kids very happy... they often wonder whos tooth they can see sparkling in the sky