Wednesday, February 06, 2008

8 weeks old...and everyday 22...

Can you believe 8 weeks has gone already! Yes Morganne is 8 weeks old! Maybe because this is our last baby it is going even faster! She is a very good baby really...doesnt grizzle much!
E had her first day back at school today and gave her teacher a big hug and said how much she missed her! And it seems she had a good day even though her best buddy from last year Jake is at a new school. And Ben and Morganne have been happily smiling at each
Morganne and I went out for coffee with mum and I actually bought some clothes from a very nice boutique who were having a fabulous sale...well I hope you are having a good week...I am hoping to work on my mini albums tomorrow - Lissy


Alli said...

what a great photo.. he could have had a shave though LOL good to hear you are getting out and about a bit more, I can't believe 8 weeks have gone by already

Judy said...

Wow she Morganne looks so great and very healthy too.