Saturday, February 02, 2008

everyday 16 and 17...

We had a break in blogging due to the dreaded!

I am back on board now 16....the girls playing together...Evangeline loves entertaining Morganne and here she has made Morganne a little present!And post 17...Evangeline giving the dog, Missy, a shower...sounds mean but it is very hot and our dog likes water...she runs through spirnklers and has a bath tub in her yard that she swims in!
And another picture of Morganne and I...she has put on 300g this week...we had a visit to the child health nurse and she is 5.9kg and 37cm now! She has grown out of her 000 clothes so I need to get her a few things in all the 0 sizes I have a a bit too big as yet...and for some reason I do not have any 00 much left from Evangeline!
I need some more of Evangeline and I they know I do exist! And now it is the weekend! Hot, humid and stormy here! Hope you have nice things planned - Lissy

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Melissa Goodsell said...

Oh that last photo of you two together is really sweet, you're both snuggling into each other...that's my favourite thing to do with babies - snuggle.