Tuesday, February 05, 2008

everyday 21...

Today we went off and bought some sandals for school as E starts tomorrow...she dropped a drawer on her toe a couple of nights ago and the nail is black...I am expecting it will drop off so decided some sandals were needed.

E was at school last year in the three year old programme...so she has the same teacher this year as a four year old...Montessori is slightly different to conventional schooling as the children stay with their teacher for three years...E is very excited and it took some getting her to sleep tonight...I haven't tried her uniform so hope it still fits as she has just grown and everything seems too small! She goes full days now instead of half days so I am going to be learning all about packed lunches for school...and hoping she eats them!

Evangeline made puppets today having seen them on Playschool this afternoon. Morganne is enjoying her play gym...she is looking like she is hypnotised...lolAnd look a pretty good pic of Morganne and I...I am wondering if Morganne will have curly hair and what colour eyes...maybe she will have Ben;s brown eyes...Ben and I were blonde as kids but E has always been dark and she has some curl left but nothing like my mop!My blogger spell check hasn't been working for days...anyone else having this problem...???

Anyway off to get thing ready for the morning....getting all of out of the house by 8.30 am will be a challenge! I hope the school year has started well for those that started this week - Lissy

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Alli said...

when Alec and Riley were playing schools last week Riley's favourite things were water play and lunch so I had to put a lot of thought into it. He may be a little disappointed as he has vegimite sandwiches, carrot sticks and a juice box, I know he will eat it all, Alec on the other hand tells me I put too much in as it cuts into play time. Hope E has a great first day