Wednesday, August 20, 2008


This morning we had swimming...Morganne had her first experience in the pool and she was not too impressed! The only time she didn't cry was getting to hold the ball! So we only participated in half the lesson! We shall try again next week...Afterwards we had a play in the has an amazing flying Ben wants one at home!Ben got home late last night and I took mum to the airport this morning...she is off on a cruise from Amsterdam to Budapest!

And we are packing to go away for a few Mandurah...not far but it will be great as we have not been anywhere for two and a half years! Since Ben works away he is always quite happy just to be at home! And there is a pool so maybe Morganne will get more used to it!So I am getting plenty of photos...and will have lots more once we I shall have to get scrapping again! Have a great rest of the week - Lissy

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Alli said...

have a wonderful break Lis!!! :)

Lets do lunch when you get back seems Ben is home