Monday, August 11, 2008

the weekend...

We have had a pretty busy weekend...we had one of Evangeline's little friends over on Saturday morning to play...and then Alli and family came for lunch...Micheal set up our wireless router thingy...and I taught Alli to use her sewing machine! We started on new curtains for the boys' room...I tried out a couple of new recipes for lunch...a pasta bake that was OK...and a very nice Beetroot and Sweet Potato Salad with Feta...And for dessert we had a very delicious Tiramisu that Michael had made...yum! I shall have to get the recipe! And my aunt and uncle came for a quick visit in the afternoon...they are off on a cruise up the Kimberley coast...that would be fantastic...Ben was a pearl diver in Broome for ten years so he has seen a lot of the coast...I would love to see it one day...we drove up the Gibb River Road with my mum and dad from Broome to Kununarra a few years ago which was fantastic...

Morganne tried toast ...and I am trying to fill her up on food during the day hoping that she might not wake so much at night! But her top teeth are cutting and she has a terrible cold so she is not really wanting to eat at all poor thing! And she is very grizzly...and waking every couple of hours at night!
And Sunday was a quiet day..tried out the slow cooker and made a yummy pot roast as mum came over to have tea with us...Ben is back out at sea after a few days in port...But he is home in a week! I hope you have had a good weekend...Lissy

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Anonymous said...

God bless the wireless.
I am madly in love with not having to sit in a tiny corner on the puta anymore - love love love.

Love the photo of M eating toast Lissy she looks so grown up.

Hope she gets better soon
Rachie xxxx