Thursday, January 08, 2009



This is my word for 2009 (see Ali Edwards blog)...

In 2007 I chose BALANCE and last year I chose REMEMBER...

I was thinking all of December as to what my word for 2009 should be...and I have decided on SIMPLICITY...I really need to simplify many areas of my life...not just decluttering the house (though that is a BIG part of it)...but also making our lives less complicated and more grounded in the everyday ...weeding out the unnecessary stuff...

sim·plic·ity (sim plis′ə tē)

a simple state or quality, as of form or composition;

freedom from intricacy or complexity
absence of elegance, embellishment, luxury, etc.; plainness
freedom from affectation, subtlety, etc.; artlessness
The state of being without complication
singleness, homogeneity, purity, uniformity, clearness, unity, integrity, monotony.
The quality of being plain
plainness, stark reality, lack of ornament, unadornment, lack of sophistication, bareness, rusticity, homeliness, freedom from artificiality, severity.

I have found the words a great way of focusing on aspects of our lives in the last two here is to the year of SIMPLICITY - Lissy

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Anonymous said...

Our library has a great book called "Choosing Simplicity" by Linda Pierce Breen(hope that's right) and it really set me off of a similar path. It is a US book but still relevant world-wide...very inspiring.

Sue Caissy