Saturday, January 31, 2009


Today we went say good bye to Ben for another 5 weeks...We have had such a good summer break since he has been home...We all feel a bit flat after he has gone...He is off to Cape Town to bring a boat back to will take 22 days to cross the Indian Ocean...E telling Ben she will miss him...E wanted to take a photo too but wouldn't stop...You've got to laugh at this one! My eyes are almost normal again today...We now have a child gate into the kitchen which gives me piece of mind when I am here alone...And we have another mango lover in the family...And here is E and Lara playing Barbies today...I tried to avoid the whole Barbie thing but figure I had them when I was young and it did no harm...I the girls swimming...Shauna had a swim but it was too cold for M and I...Mum came over for tea and a swim too...we had a yummy salad of spinach leaves, figs, prosciutto and bocconcini with a balsamic dressing...really easy to make and so delicious...I plan to have this a lot while figs are in season! Can you believe it is the end of Janauary already...Hope you are having a good weekend - Lissy

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Chris Millar said...

Hi Lissy! Gosh that must be hard each time you have to drop Ben off at the airport. Big hugs!!
So exciting about M nearly walking! Love those leg warmers!!!